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Hank Rumor from the New York Post
mrlzbth wrote in azariafans
Since Hank news has been rare lately, I'll go ahead and post this gossipy item--I must say, they would be an unexpected couple!

Crow Flies On

February 25, 2007 -- SHERYL Crow may not be single much longer. Eagle-eyed spies caught the singer enjoying a cozy dinner with Hank Azaria and Patricia Arquette at the Tower Bar on Friday. Azaria and Crow, dumped last year by Lance Armstrong, seemed to have eyes only for each other. Armstrong, meanwhile, was down the street in a Chateau Marmont bar with his new girlfriend, designer Tory Burch.

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Sheryl is great!

I hope it's true.

not true

this isnt true. Not only is he NOT dating Miss Crow, but he's been seen around town with a young blond girl. Meanwhile Sheryl has adopted a baby.

Ah, thanks for the update! I didn't think it was likely to be true, but I thought it was a fun item. I wish there were more actual career-related Hank news right now, but things continue to be slow.

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