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New Project with Kate Hudson
mrlzbth wrote in azariafans
Apparently the Detroit Free Press got some new info from Hank while he was in town for that fundraiser with Mitch Albom ...

Azaria says he'll do film in Detroit

September 29, 2006

Kate Hudson is coming to town -- and pretty soon. At the end of the Mitch Albom "Just One More Day" fest at the Fox on Wednesday night, guest Hank Azaria spilled that he'll be coming back to Detroit early next year to costar in a film with the actress who just made headlines dumping hubby-rocker Chris Robinson for Owen Wilson.

Why Detroit? Seems it's a Mike Binder film and veteran screenwriter-comedian-actor Binder is a Detroit native. Binder is wrapping up work on the Adam Sandler star vehicle "Reign Over Me." Binder wrote, directed and acted in that one; he was unavailable for more details Thursday.

Mike Binder is the director of The Upside of Anger and Blankman, among other things...IMDB doesn't have any projects listed for Binder past the Adam Sandler one at the moment, but it's something to keep an eye out for! More promising than "Run, Fat Boy, Run," anyway...


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