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Hank Azaria as...Michael Scott?
mrlzbth wrote in azariafans
Okay, I love this article that turned up in my Hank-related Yahoo! news alerts today because:
a) It is not about how Hank drives too slowly while talking on his cell phone in LA, as many of the "news" alerts are, and
b) it combines two of my favorite things, Hank and The Office!

TV exec scours globe looking for next prime-time hit

I didn't read all of the article because I know there was a major season 3 Office spoiler printed in the NYT a few days ago and I do NOT want to be exposed to it (and I would advise any fellow Office fans to be similarly cautious), but I searched for Hank's name and found this fun tidbit about the casting of the boss, Michael Scott:

"We knew we had a formidable casting challenge," Silverman said. Martin Short, Hank Azaria and Bob Odenkirk, who had co-starred in Mr. Show on HBO, all expressed interest. But Stacey Snider, chairwoman of Universal Pictures, urged Silverman to sign Steve Carell, who was coming off a successful stint on The Daily Show.

I have to say that I can't imagine anyone being as good as Steve Carell is in that role, but it's kind of fun to contemplate what a different path that would have been for Hank!


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